Dear People Who Complain About Things That Are Free,

I know that you were very upset that the shuttle bus to Comic-Con was ten minutes late, or missed your stop, or was purple, or whatever not-that-big-a-deal thing you were whining about to management was, but you do realize that it is FREE right? They are not obligated to have a large comfy bus available to transport you directly from your hotel to the convention center at convenient intervals. They are in fact not obligated to make your life easier in any way, but they do out of the goodness of their hearts and their desire to provide good customer service to an unruly throng of nerds.

If your complaining creates a problem and they decide to scrap the whole bus idea and I have to wait for the damn Red Line for three hours and then pack in like sardines with many other unwashed folks overburdened with what are quite possibly the largest bags I have ever seen (on the up side you can use them as blankets while camping out at the tram station like hobos waiting for the Red Line to show up), I will quite possibly murder you from sheer exhaustion. I love the Con, but at the end of a really long and amazing day it is freaking awesome to be able to get back to the hotel so easily. Please just appreciate that the bus is there, and free, and don't ruin it for the rest of us. Thank you.


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