Dear Panel Attendees,

I realize that you really want to ask a question so that you can talk to famous people (I mean who doesn't?), but please, try to ask GOOD questions. Now I am not saying that every (or any) question that I could think up would be genius. However, I am saying that I could filter myself and not ask the stupid ones. Rude and idiotic questions are just not necessary.

You do not need to ask the same question someone else just asked, but in a slightly different way. You do not need to ask a question just for the sake of asking a question. You do not need to point out how it is "unrealistic" for a lady in an action show to be wearing high heels (yes I am talking to you Button Lady). You really do not need to say negative things at all when these people have come in person to entertain you. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Please, next year just think a little before you immediately ask the first question that comes to mind. And to those with interesting and pertinent questions: keep up the good work!


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