Dear Guy Exiting The Theater Behind Me After A Midnight Showing Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Four,

First of all, using the word "retarded" to describe a movie? Really? Come on man, you are better than that. 

Secondly, that is fine if you didn't like the movie (if you hate fun that is your problem), but you really thought it was "boring"? I think there are a lot of things you could say about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but boring is definitely not one of them. I am sorry if Number Four was too slow or understandable for you after the eight hundred things happening at once in Number Three (I still like you Three, don't worry). However, I do not believe that qualifies it as "boring." 

And last, but not least. Were you so disappointed because you were expecting more? I mean, did you or did you not see the first three movies and enjoy them? And if you didn't, who the heck goes to a midnight showing unless it is a movie they are excited to see?!

Just a few questions I had. See you at POTC5 sir.


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