Dear Adam,

I think your blog is genius! Who wouldn't want to know how to make all the delicious foodstuffs described in the Song of Ice and Fire books? Epic books + food blog = awesome. Now if only someone would do the same thing for the Redwall series. I always wanted to eat the crap out of their feasts when I was growing up! Hm, I guess this will have to do.


Dear Google +,

I think you are super great! I like your looks and you are easy to use. The best part about you though, is that you automatically download pictures that I take with my phone! Yay! Seriously, this is so awesome for me that I would like you because of it even if the rest of you was crappy. How did you know that I am too lazy to upload photos to facebook? Don't tell facebook, but I like you more. Now if only more of my friends would hop on board...


Dear Puss In Boots,

Here is how you stacked up:

- As many cat jokes as possible (they are funny because they are accurate)! +8
- Egg puns +1
- Adorableness +3
- Making gingers look suave +2
- Good voice cast +1
- Cat that goes "Oooohh" several times +1
- Catnip call back +3

Let's see, that is a total of 19 points! Good job. Really funny, but more so for people who have cats I think, which is me!


Dear Pacific Northwest,

Why must you have so much cool stuff now that I have moved away? Are you trying to spite me? I really wish I could have attended this:

and this:

and a Nerdist Way appearance at Powell's dangit!

Oh well, I guess that is what I get for wanting to live somewhere sunny.