Dear Watchers Of Game Of Thrones,

(specifically those who were really upset by Ned's death, which apparently was a large number) Seriously? I understand if you were shocked if you had not read the books, but angry? You need to get over it, and quickly too. Because I hate to break it to you but, *spoilers* if they continue to follow the books faithfully, a whole crap-load of characters die. So you better get used to it.

Also, cut HBO some slack. It is not like they intentionally killed off Sean Bean to spite you. In fact if they didn't know he was going to die (once again because it happens that way in the book) they might not have even been able to cast Sean Bean in the first place. I mean more so than the other actors he probably has things to do, ya know?

Poor HBO they just can't win. Apparently people will be mad if they stick to the books, but I am sure other people would be mad if they didn't stay true to the books. Everyone should just read the books and then we would all be on the same page! No really, the books are awesome and I highly recommend them.

To sum up: please don't be mad, it is not the show's fault and read the books to prepare yourself, they are rad.


ps. One more thing. I like Sean Bean too, but if you would really stop watching the show just because his character died, then maybe you should stop watching. Just a thought.

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