Dear Gizmodo Girl,

I am going to attempt to set aside the fact that you dislike this guy mostly because of the whole Magic thing (although personally I think being that good at anything is pretty neat, also I like nerds, also I have been wanting to learn how to play magic for a while, seriously can someone teach me?). I kind of understand that you maybe were trying to make a point about online dating profiles or something. However, the thing I would like to chat about is, did you really have to write an article about it on Gizmodo? I mean despite your differences in interests this guy is a person with feelings too and you were a bit harsh.

 Isn't there enough negativity on the internet without you picking apart your date on a technology website? Just tell the story to your friends or something. And seriously, you write for Gizmodo. I am willing to bet that a large portion of your reader base plays Magic or is into something equally nerdy. Did you really expect to be able to write that article and not get ripped apart? I am just saying, maybe you should have considered your audience before insulting a world champion. Think about it.


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